Our Services

RAWAH CLEANING provides personalised cleaning services with our trustworthy and well-trained maids to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our services include:


Regular Cleaning Services. RAWAH CLEANING offers regular cleaning services that can be done bi-weekly, weekly, twice a week and even daily. We will send one of our well-trained and efficient staff to clean your home. Regular cleaning vacuuming, mopping, garbage disposal, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting of furniture, window cleaning, garbage disposal, changing of linens, laundry washing (with washing machine) and ironing.


One Time Cleaning Services. We have one-time cleaning services for special occasions like parties, Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, and Ramadan. One time cleaning involves cleaning of wall corners, cobweb removal, wiping and dusting of lighting exteriors and ceiling fans, cleaning of windows and grills, wiping of cabinet exterior and interior (if contents have been removed), wiping and polishing of doors, door frames, and knobs, cleaning of bathrooms, cleaning of kitchen appliances and surfaces, washing and mopping of floors.


Specialised Cleaning Services. Apart from regular and one-time cleaning, there are specialised cleaning services that you can avail. These include:


Curtain Cleaning. Keep your curtains clean and dust-free and at the same time prevent allergy attacks. We have professional curtain cleaning that washes your curtains carefully, prolonging its lifespan and bringing it back to its former glory. Once clean, our staff will re-install the curtains for you.


Customised Cleaning. Sometimes, a standard cleaning method is not enough, especially for hard-to-clean stains, and hard-to-reach surface areas. We have various tailored methods to suit your requirements. We can propose a cleaning plan to fit you needs! We do oven cleaning, kitchen degreasing, fridge cleaning, removal of stains in bathrooms and other areas, floor cleaning and polishing, etc.


We at RAWAH CLEANING, only hires efficient, motivated employees and train them well. We make sure that our services are of high standards and can live up to your expectations.